Data Privacy Policy

Data Privacy Policy

Innolion Oy provides the users with an Internet based communication service to increase its users safety in emergencies or in other safety related occasions to be used via smartphone or other Internet based device it’s been designed to use with by using the Innolion Oy’s Visleri–service (“Service”). Using the Service requires registration.

As collecting, storing, using and distributing the personal data of the registered users and other connected persons, Innolion Oy will always comply with and follows the Finnish Personal Data Act (1999/523).

This Data Privacy Policy shall also serve as a joint file description and information document meant in the Personal Data Act.

This Data Privacy Policy may be amended at any time by Innolion Oy. Current Data Privacy Policy may be viewed at and/or In case of discrepancy between language versions of this Innolion Oy’s Data Privacy Policy, the English version shall prevail.

Registrar and Contact information

Innolion Oy
Address: Lapintie 7 B 34, 33100 Tampere, Finland
Contact person: Olli Säynätmäki, CEO
Support contact information: e-mail privacy(a)

Purpose of collecting the Data

Service is available for individual and group users. Use of the Service by a group requires one main user. Each individual and a main user shall register into the Service. In addition, the individual and the main user shall add at least one contact person in order to be able to use the Service. Main user may also add information to the Service on behalf of another person for him to be able to use the service (later referred to as a helped person), e.g. main user’s children or persons under a guardianship. Information collected of the individual user, main user and other persons vary.

Innolion Oy keeps a register of all the registered users and contact persons or helped persons added into the Service. Register serves for the purpose of maintaining and administering the necessary personal and other information of the registered users and other persons as well as for improving and carrying out the Service.

Content of the Registered Data

Each individual and main user registering into the Service shall give certain information of him and of his chosen contact persons and helped persons, if any. Each individual and main user may and shall update his personal and other person’s information to be up to date and correct all the time. If the contact persons or helped persons added to the Service have access to the register (if also registered users) they are liable for updating their own personal information.

The following information is a requisite for the registration of an individual and a main user: name, user name, home country, e-mail, phone number, a personal password and a help request cancellation -code.

As adding the contact persons or helped persons at least the name, phone number and e-mail of each person shall be added to the Service. Each contact person to be added to the Service will be asked a prior consent through the Service and will be added to the Service only after consent has been received. A legal guardian shall give a prior permission for a person who is minor or otherwise under guardianship to be added to the Service.

The following information will be stored in the register in addition to the permanently stored compulsory information gathered at the registration: all voluntarily given information, e.g. home address, relationships regarding users and helped persons or contact persons (static information) as well as certain dynamic, changing information such as location information of, and sent SOS-messages by users or helped persons during the time period mentioned in the Service subscription and if none is mentioned then the rolling two-day time window is used.

Protection and Distribution of Data

Visleri–Service register is an ADP-based register. Data provided to the Service by each individual and main user may only be viewed by such Innolion Oy’s employees who need to have an access to the register in order to secure the technical flow of the Service. Access of such employee is always secured (personal user name and password). Each employee having access is bound by Innolion Oy confidentiality obligations.

Each individual and main user uses his own account through personal user name and password and shall be liable for the security of his personal password.

Each individual and main user, contact person or helped person consents, at the registration or as giving the consent to be appointed as a contact person, to the distribution of his location information in accordance with Innolion Oy´s Terms of Use of the Visleri Service as well as distribution of his personal or other gathered data to third parties, including the distribution of the data inside and/or outside the European Union and European Economic Area.

The information in the register may be disclosed to authorities or third parties as may be required by applicable law or other government orders or as may be necessary for the full usage of the Service, e.g. in case of emergency, to police, fire fighters and paramedics.

Removal of an inactive Registered Account

If a registered account has not been used for the passed three months or longer time period, it may be removed at any time from the register with all of its data deleted without notice to the account holder.

Rights of the Registered Persons

Right to review

Each individual and main user, contact person or helped person whose personal data is collected to the Service has a right to review the data in the Visleri Service -register. Right to review shall be requested by submitting a request to privacy(a)

Right/duty to update and correct the data

Each individual and main user as well as contact person or helped person having access to the Service, is responsible for updating his own personal data. Each individual and main user shall be liable for updating any contact person’s or helped person’s data added to the Service by him. Further, the individual and main user is responsible for securing that the information provided by him is correct at all times. In case of incorrect data each registered individual and main user shall promptly amend any such incorrect data in the register through user’s account.

Right of prohibition

Each registered individual and main user, contact person or helped person has the right, at any time, to prohibit the use of his registered personal data for direct advertising, remote sale or other direct marketing as well as for marketing- and attitude surveys. Written notice of prohibition shall be submitted to Innolion Oy via e-mail to privacy(a)