VISLERI® FamilySafety

Make the day of your family an easier and safer experience for you all!

To whom:

  • Family with kids (+ kids’ grandparents)
  • Couple (+ their parents)
    (a young couple might want to see if VISLERI® MySafety fits them better!)
  • Senior couple
    (a senior couple might also want to see VISLERI® SeniorSafety, if the group feature is not needed.)
  • Single Senior household and his/her child (or other trusted person)
  • Family caregiver relationships when a smartphone is a usable tool for all parties involved. The minimum requirement for the assisted person is to have his/her phone with VISLERI® installed, powered on and with him/her – nothing else.

WHAT IF . . .

…your child wouldn’t always have to call or text to you his/her where-abouts, for you to have peace of mind?
…family’s bulletin board would always be where the family members are – accessible and updateable?
…emergency situation surprises, but calling for help would be fast and easy – even when in panic?

. . . and now you can also add Senior role persons to your family group!

Person in that role does not even need to know how to use smartphone apps, all that is needed is the VISLERI® app properly installed, keeping the phone powered on and having it with him/her!

…would it be nice and comforting, if you could find out the location of the grandparent/senior when needed ?
…what if you had the possibility to remotely create VISLERI® reminders for a senior in your family group ?
…or if you could remotely command the senior’s phone to make a VISLERI® alarm to his/her helpers?


role in the family / suitable phone Android (2.3+)
+ internet/data connection
Windows Phone (7.5+)
+ internet/data connection
iPhone (iOS 5.1+)
+ internet/data connection
Child-roles check check
Parent-role check check (check, currently limited functionality)
Senior-role check

more details about device requirements / functionality

Android (2.3+)
+ internet/data connection
Windows Phone (7.5+)
+ internet/data connection
iPhone (iOS 5.1+)
+ internet/data connection
make alarm, request help with VISLERI® app check check
make alarm, request help with headset check
respond to VISLERI® help requests with VISLERI® application check check
respond to VISLERI® help requests via web browser check
emergency call helpper check check
share your location by text message check check check
status buttons (for child role) check check
info messages when kids status is changed (for parent role) check check check
family view (for parent role) check check check
family view (for senior, can track another senior role) check
family’s bulletin board (for child and parent roles check check check
info messages on family’s bulletin board updates (for child and parent roles) check check check
senior’s location info on family view (for parent role) check check check
remotely trigger a VISLERI® alarm on a phone of child or senior role person (for parent role) check check check
VISLERI® reminders (for senior role, see SeniorSafety info page) check
remotely make VISLERI® reminders for seniors in the family thru VISLERI® Control panel (for parent role) (check) (check) (check)


Where the kids (or seniors) are . . .

Frame Left
When your child is growing you start facing more and more situations where he/she moves without your company. Sometimes these situations may raise feelings of worry: is he/she alright, or where he/she is. To bring relief for these worries, VISLERI® application brings status buttons for the child-role person – they are the easiest way for him/her to inform where he/she is and what he/she is doing.
Frame Right

As the counterpart, VISLERI® application brings the Family view for parent-role person. It’s a fast & easy way to check the statuses, whereabouts and child’s phone’s battery status (if available) of all the child-role persons using VISLERI® application in the family. Additionally, by tapping a child in the list, a pop-up menu allows for ‘show on map’, call or text.

Communication with status messages is easy and safe – it’s only within the family. And it’s more convenient too! Although some occasions require actual phone call, but in many cases status messaging is enough, and it’s visible to all parent-role persons using VISLERI® application in the family at once! This saves many “why they always call on a bad time” moments during work day, embarrasments in front of friends when mommy calls, or synch’ing between the parents about the kids.

VISLERI® family group can have max 2 parents, 4 children and 4 seniors by default. For a bigger group, please contact our customer support.
We also thought about reconstituted families, it’s possible to include the same child-role person in two different family groups.

Senior role
Person in this role uses the VISLERI® service as a person using SeniorSafety (see info pages) and support/guides, with the exception that the group owner takes care of the bureaucrazy and can also take care of the profile upkeeping (e.g. settings, adding/removing helpers, etc) if allowed to do so.

This makes it convenient for seniors who are just starting to use a smartphone. When VISLERI® is properly installed, the only requirement for a senior is to keep the phone powered on and have it with him/her. That’s it! No need to start learning the application features right away!

Even with this requirement, the parent role persons of the family can see the battery levels of the seniors’ phones (if available), track the seniors’ locations, view them on the map or navigate to them. Parent role persons can also use their own phones to trigger seniors’ phones to make a VISLERI® alarm.

And of course, when time goes by and skills build up, there are more features to benefit from, like the VISLERI® reminders.

Senior, can track another senior role
As the senior role, but this role’s user can also access the Family view where he/she (when allowed to) can view locations and batter levels (if available) info about other senior roles (both types) of the family, view the locations on the map or navigate to them. They can also use their own phones to trigger VISLERI® alarms on the other seniors’ phones.

For added safety and attention, seniors can be included in one, two or three family groups.

Family’s own bulletin board . . .

Frame Right
VISLERI® FamilySafety has a bulletin board feature which allows each family group member (child and parent roles) to add/update his/her own message and to view other’s messages. Easy way to increase open family communication!

Share your location by text message . . .

Frame Left
Once in a while you may end up in a situation where you need to guide someone to “here”. VISLERI® application gives you a text message template with your current location info. Make your modifications and send it ahead! The recipient can pretty easily navigate to the mentioned location either using the GPS goordinates or the map link. With VISLERI®, get-to-gethers happen easily – even if you are there for the first time!

If you face an emergency situation . . .

VISLERI® doesn’t define emergency cases (because those are almost as many as there are different users), but it offers extremely simple and effective tool for you to handle them. We call it one safety whistle tactic – the one needing help only has to press the safety whistle button in the VISLERI® application, nothing else! …and that doesn’t even require reading skills or reading glasses! After that a lot happens and fast!
Frame Center

Who will get my help requests ?
As a VISLERI® user you can name up to 8 persons close to you, those persons you would like to inform when you need help. They are probably the ones you have called earlier when you have needed help. Of course, all these persons may not always be able to help you – that’s why we encourage you to add more than one or two persons to your help circle, so at least one helper could be found at any time.

What if an official emergency help is needed ?
When VISLERI® help request has been made, if needed, you can initiate an official emergency call directly from the application. This can be done by pressing the red sos-call button on the map view top-right corner. When pressed, it shows the phone dialer with your pre-defined emergency number. Press start call button to make the call. You will automatically return to the map view which now shows an info box serving as a list of items usually handled in an emergency call – your location on the list is a dynamic part and will get updated according to the location information of your phone. This helps you to tell your location to the person at the other end of the call.

(Screenshots are from VISLERI® Android version. Windows Phone and iPhone images can be found from their respective user guides on the support page.)

Taking the service into use
(tip: join the insiders and watch the ‘Get ready’ videos!)

i) Register here or . . .

NOTE! If you already are someone’s VISLERI® emergency contact, login to the service to register (we’ve sent you the login details earlier by email, sender ‘no-reply (a)’, if you don’t remember your password, go to the login page and click the ‘Forgot your password?’ button.)

ii) Login to VISLERI® control panel

– add family members
– verify / add emegency contacts to yourself
– verify family members’ emergency contacts and settings with them

iii) Download the VISLERI® phone application (see the next tab)

Download VISLERI® application to family members’ phones

i) By using the below links, QR-codes or searching “visleri” from your phone’s application store.

(NOTE! Your phone’s application store may also list ‘VISLERI BE’ application, but that’s targeted to company, organization and assosiaction use, and that’s a bit different case.)

Show QR-code Show QR-code Show QR-code

ii) Start and log in to VISLERI® mobile application.


– learn the different functionalities by trying,
– take a peek on Tips & Tricks on the next tab,
– or study more detailed user guides on the support pages

Free trial period and the pricing after that

– your free 14-day trial period started after successful registration, during that you should have plenty of time to test the service and decide how it suits your needs
– after the trial period, the pricing is based on pre-paid subscription periods: the options can be viewed by logging in to the VISLERI® control panel, go to Personal data / My orders
– VISLERI® FamilySafety’s prices are starting from just only 1,99 EUR/month/user = 23,88 EUR/year/user

Safety is not something to play with, but it can be learned through playing.
Just make sure that everyone involved knows when you are practising – that it’s not the real deal!

Before you begin, make sure that . . .

– everyone has GPS and WiFi assisted locating methods set on, so that location info would be as accurate and as quickly available as possible
– (at least those in parent-role) to have VISLERI® profile email the same (or one of them), which is setup on your phone and which utilizes “push” notification for incoming emails (to get a fast notification of new emails)
– you are familiar with where to find support pages, in case you need more detailed instruction

VISLERI®-FindMe, by using the VISLERI® alarm

Every member in your FamilySafety group who has the VISLERI® application ready for use, tries this in turns:

i) The one to be found goes well apart from the others and send a VISLERI® help request by pressing safety whistle button until the SOS-text starts to blink.
ii) The service will relay the help request to that person’s help circle (i.e. helpers) who then independently respond to it.
iii) All, who replied going to help, start independently approaching the one needing help, taking benefit of the map view or navigation functionality.
iv) Help arrived! Great! Now the help request can be cancelled by the one who made it.

VISLERI®-FindMe, by using the status messages

i) Child-role person goes well apart from the others (e.g. to nearby playground) and when he/she is there, uses the “at hobby” or the “at destination” status button. (If he/she wants to, an additional text message can be added to that status by pressing the status button until text-bar shows up.)
ii) Parent-role member(s) will receive a notification when the child’s status has been changed and can then open the Family view, tap the child’s info row and choose show on map or navigate to (on map view) to get assistance for going over to the child.

VISLERI®-MeetingPoint, as a text message

i) To send a VISLERI®-MeetingPoint, choose ‘Share my location’ from the additional features menu, add recipients, your message and send it out.
ii) Recipient find their way there by utilizing the location info or the map link on the message. Now, what could be a nice meeting place, and with whom…

VISLERI®-MeetingPoint (“pro”)

The same as the previous except now you “mark” the meeting point by opening the ‘Share my location’ but, instead of sending it, you save it for later use and continue your journey. When the “zero hour” approaches you send the saved message. Now the recipients will be guided to the place you saved and not to you (unless of course, you will also go there).
– “X marks the spot!”

VISLERI® Family Bulletin Board

The Family Bulletin Board is accessed via the additional features menu. From each VISLERI® FamilySafety group member (child or parent roles) there’s always one or none message on the bulletin board – the board is updated everytime you open this view. To add your message, simply just type it and press send message. What are you up for today? Who should remember and what? Guests coming to visit? Any wishes for the shopping list? …?