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Using VISLERI® service consists of two parts:

1) Control panel web site (manage your profile, requests new emergency contacts, change service settings, purchase next subscription period, etc.)

2) the application on your phone to use the service. Suitable phone operating systems include Android 2.3+ (FamilySafety, MySafety and SeniorSafety), Windows Phone 7.5+ (FamilySafety and MySafety) and iOS 5.1+ (currently only FamilySafety limited version).

Both of these use the same log in credentials.


FAQ (frequently asked questions)

User profile / account

Q:How do I remove my user profile from VISLERI® service?

You can ask the removal of your profile by contacting our customer support with the from at the end of this page, or by sending an email about the removal to support(a)

Q:I don’t have a registered VISLERI® profile but I’m an emergency contact for another user/profile; how do I cancel being a contact?

You should ask the person whose contact you are to cancel your contact relationship in the service (from his profile).
(If you have your own profile, log in to VISLERI® Control panel and manage your contact relationships by yourself.)

Family group

Q:How many members can be in the FamilySafety’s family group?

The default limits are max 2 parents, 4 children and 4 seniors. If you have a different need, please consult our customer service (use the form at the bottom of this page).

Q:How do the emergency contact relationships work within a family group?

Automatically, when creating a family group, parents are assigned as contacts to all other family members and children to none. After the family group creation, you should verify each family member’s emergency contacts. Contacts can be added/removed individually for every family group member from their profile.


Q:In an emergency case I receive a help request from a friend. Can I cancel his help request?

No. Only the one who made the help request can cancel it (with the cancellation code he has set up).

More questions? Comments? Send your thoughts to our customer service by using the form at the end of this page, or by email support(a)!