VISLERI® makes your day safer

If you need help, just press the VISLERI® emergency whistle button – that’s all.

VISLERI® FamilySafety.

Save time & effort in daily communication within your family and boost your safety! Kids and Parents love it!

Now also Senior can easily share his/her location with his/her spouse (or other trusted person).

VISLERI® can also boost safety in caregiver relationships.

Create your own help circle where everyone benefits from VISLERI® service

Choose your trusted ones and ask them to join your help circle – and then join theirs. If one of you needs help, the others will know it! With VISLERI® everyone are up to date with the situation.

VISLERI® is easy to use and powerful safety tool

Kids and seniors learn to use it in no time – and the basic use doesn’t even require reading skills or reading glasses!

Try it for FREE!

FamilySafety, MySafety or SeniorSafety? Try it yourself and experience the GOOD feeling of having VISLERI® with You!

After the free trial period, prices starting from just only 1,99 EUR / month / user.

Do you own a smartphone or are you considering getting one ?

Interested about improving your own and your loved ones’ safety ?

Want to try this Finnish safety service for 2 weeks for free ?

VISLERI® service will benefit many different user groups and in many different use cases: choose your desired version and see what we have on offer for you !




Or watch first a presentation video about VISLERI® service versions

Keep it safe,